I have a Dream. When I was a high school student, I became a family cat, her name is Miu. She gave me a lot of warm affection for me who was painful. She has already traveled to heaven and I then looked for her. I want to convey my thoughts to the world where she is. I want to do art activities all over the world. 

Lioncider was born in Tochigi Prefecture,in Japan.

When he was an elementary school student, he drew a mobile phone and received a radio as a prize for his work. When he was in first grade of junior high school, took his artwork home and tried to complete it by the event’s scheduled meeting. He asked his father to lend him a picture as a guide, and on the following day, he handed the picture back to his father and showed him what he had created, his father being very impressed with the way the picture had been altered considerably. He submitted his work to school, for which he received the borne prize in the prefectural exhibition. 

Since then, Lioncider sought to follow in his father’s footsteps, which led him to move towards a career in the art field. He first saw Teppei Sasakura’s paintings in his third year of junior high school, becoming more interested in art as a result. He entered high school, studied art under the tutelage of  teacher, an instructor and accomplished painter.

Based on  the teacher recommendation, he entered the University of Art and Design.

Lioncider eventually left university before graduating,yet he utilized what he had learned and began posting works on Instagram from February 2017.

While participating in the exhibition, I draw illustrations considering what I learned from the teachers and friends I met. I want to convey a smile.